3 Uncommon Sector Startups Raise Over $400 Million Dollars In One Week

Despite the downturn being experienced in the venture market this uncommon sector seems to be bustling with activity. Investors are really placing their bets on startups in the data sector.

  • Cribl: An indexing and search health platform based a San Francisco raised $150m series D funding.
  • Monte Carlo: Another San Francisco based company that helps developers track data reliability raised $135m in series D funding.
  • Coralogix: Which helps DevOps to analyze data streams managed to raise $142m in series D funding.

Others in the data sector that have managed to raise include Observe, Edge Delta, Manta, and Grafana Labs.

This focus on data solutions startups demonstrates the increased biased towards data dependency by existing companies.

Additionally, companies are looking towards startups in the observability sector to help them check on the health and performance of their systems and infrastructure.

The complexity of data also forces companies to relook the need for observability startups to deliver the much-needed services by enhancing monitoring and insights.

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