The Hottest Series A Startup Sectors

Here is a brief rundown of the hottest sectors in the startup space based on where VCs are investing and directing their financial guns.

Immunotherapy & Immune System Response

In 2022 Series A funding rounds VCs made some of the highest investments in immunotherapy and immune system response startups. This was highly anticipated given the challenges exposed by the pandemic and the need to enhance healthcare and health response in societies across the world. Some of these include:

  • Pheast Therapeutics – that deals with cancer.
  • Seismic Therapeutics – deals with machine learning for immunology drug development.


The downturn in cryptocurrency valuation has not stopped the hunger for crypto-directed funding. Crypto has continued to maintain funding momentum and closing rounds valued at almost $1 billion. Beneficiaries include:

  • MoonPay – deals with payments infrastructure.
  • Coinshift – which deals with treasury management for DAOs.

Property Rental-Focused Startups

Scaling up in property rental-focused startups is also on the rise supported mainly by the huge market in the property rental sector. Funding has been aimed at platforms that are geared toward helping renters and landlords alike. $245 million was invested in the U.S. and among the beneficiaries include:

  • Arrived Homes – which seeks to help renters become financially independent.
  • Leasecake – which deals with lease and location management.

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