How to Write Landing Page Copy That Sells Your Product

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What will your website visitors remember from your landing page? If you’re like most business owners, not much. 

Statistically speaking, only about 20% of website visitors actually take action after viewing a marketing page. 

In other words, the majority of people will look at your page and leave without taking any further action. 

That’s why it is so important to write copy that compels users to take the next step and either purchase your product or sign up for your mailing list. 

Landing pages are a great place to begin this process 

because they are one of the few places where you can directly target potential customers while also excluding everyone else. 

A well-designed landing page with specific and persuasive copy can increase your conversion rate by as much as 300%.

Who is your target audience?

Before you write any copy, you’ll want to figure out who you are targeting. 

In order to do this, it might be helpful to think about your product or service from your customer’s perspective. 

What are their pain points? 

What would they like to see changed or improved in their life? 

How can your product or service help solve their problem? 

Once you’ve cleared all of this up in your head, try to apply it to your marketing copy. 

The more specific you are, the more likely you are to reach the right audience.

Create a compelling headline

Once you’ve hooked your reader with a compelling headline, they will continue reading the rest of the copy. 

You can use this section to emphasize what differentiates your product or service from the competition. 

If you sell health products, for example, you may want to highlight the added value of including vitamin b12 or folic acid in a daily multivitamin formula. 

Be sure to use relevant keywords in your headline as they can help your page rank higher in search engine results. 

If you’re unsure which keywords to use, try using a keyword suggestion tool like Google Adwords or SEMrush.

Keep the copy short and sweet

The majority of landing pages are focused on selling but are only a few paragraphs long. 

This brevity is likely due to the fact that people are often on the hunt for the best deal, 

as well as an easy way to get their hands on it. 

They don’t want to read a novel; they just want the facts. 

To make your copy pop, even more, consider using bolden words and/or headlines to draw attention to your most valuable points. 

You may also want to consider adding a few bullet points to break up the text and make it easier to read.

Show benefits to your visitor

In order to truly sell your product or service, you’ll want to highlight the benefits it offers to your customer. 

It may be tempting to go overboard here and focus on all the cool things it can do, but we suggest keeping it simple. 

Focus on two to three key benefits and make sure they are as specific as possible. 

For example, people love convenience, so mentioning how a product saves people time or effort can be a great way to appeal to this need.

Ask for the sale at the end

We know, you’ve really built up the benefits of your product or service, 

and now you’re ready for your audience to make a purchase. 

Great, but before you ask them to buy, make sure you’ve given them a few reasons why they should choose your product over the competition. 

You can do this by highlighting the things that set your product apart, such as a lower price or additional benefits. 

You may also want to consider including a guarantee or free shipping. 

You can even ask your audience to rate their experience on your page by clicking on a simple rating scale. 

And if you really want to take it to the next level, consider adding a countdown timer to your page to add a sense of urgency.

Final Words

A well-written landing page can be a powerful tool for any online business, 

but it’s important to note that it only works if it’s used correctly. 

As with many aspects of online marketing, it can be helpful to look at what the big dogs are doing. 

Take a look at the copy on Amazon, for example; you will likely notice that it is both brief and to the point. 

This is likely because Amazon wants you to read about the product, see why it is a good choice, and then purchase it immediately. 

You can draw inspiration from this and develop a similarly effective landing page for your business.

Timothy Mbiti

I am an entrepreneur and co-founder at PicketMaze. I specialize in search engine optimization and digital marketing.

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